You may access it thru TRACER LINK HERE If you are not currently employed with a Department, you will need to contact DCJS for those records <>

You may contact the Academy registrar by emailing Register@ccja.org You may also need to complete a release, <> if you are not appearing in person.

In cases where you are not currently with an agency and want this record, CCJTA does not have access to your training history, you can look it up on your own through TRACER. Also, we have found that most of the time individuals can contact their former agency and get a copy of their annual firearms qualification to satisfy this requirement.


If you are a member/contract agency, then contact your department training coordinator who will get you registered in TRACER. Registrations from a non-affiliated agency must be done by filling out this form <>. Outside registrations will be taken if classes are not full, and fees may apply.


The Crater Pre-Employment Program (CPREP) is for you! Find out more info <>.

Once you are no longer with your criminal justice agency, your certification expires and ‘the clock starts’; depending on how long you are gone is what you need to do to get re-certified. Certification requires basic training, field training and employment. CCJTA does not allow persons who are not affiliated to take classes; also, you cannot maintain your certification without being employed at a criminal justice agency.

Certification requires basic training, field training and employment. After that all functions except for dispatch require re-certification every two years.

On- line training classes, or classes at CCJTA or classes that are approved but taken at another location count towards your certification. If you attend classes elsewhere at another location, make sure you take a Partial In-Service Credit (PIC-I) form with you, or they give you a PIC III on site (forms are on the DCJS web site). Any classes not pre-approved by DCJS that are conducted elsewhere require the Officer attending to follow several steps.

Requests must be received in writing by DCJS and forwarded to the appropriate field services coordinator, on the appropriate DCJS form. The form must be received PRIOR to the expiration date. Acceptable reasons for extensions include illness, injury, military service, special duty assignment required and performed in the public interest, and administrative leave involving the determination of worker’s compensation or disability retirement issues, full-time education leave or suspension pending investigation of adjudication of a crime.


If it is more than twelve months, you will have to take the appropriate Instructor class(es) again and re-do any apprenticeships. If your certification expired less than 12 months ago you must complete instructor re-certification training, followed by a successful apprenticeship (minimum of 4 hours), minimum of 8 hours of instruction, and submit an application requesting re-certification.

All instructors, General and Specialty, must complete a minimum of 8 hours of instruction, for each instructorship, within the certification period as well as complete a re-certification class either in the classroom (if available) or online.